Registering With The Practice

Our Practice Area

We are able to accept patients in Pocklington and from surrounding villages that lie wholly within a radius of 10 kilometres (6 1/4 miles) from the centre of Pocklington.

Catchment Area

If you live in our practice area and wish to register as a patient at our surgery please:

1. Complete an online registration form.

2. Call into the surgery and we will help you complete the application form.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we are able to accept you as a patient since, for example, it may be that your address is not in our catchment area. However, if you you any queries please call us on 01759 302500 and one of our Care Navigators will be able to assist.

Our GP Practice is supporting Summary Care Records and, as a patient, you have a choice.  For further information, please visit our Summary Care Records page.

NB:  We supply medication to all our patients who live more than one mile from a Pharmacy