Registering With The Practice

Registering With The Practice

If you live in our practice area and wish to register as a patient at our surgery then we need certain information from you and each member of your family so as to be able to trace your previous medical records. We advise you here on how you may register as there as several methods of doing so.

1. You may call into the surgery bringing with you your NHS medical cards from your previous NHS doctor.

2. You may call into the surgery without bringing with you your NHS medical cards from your previous NHS doctor. This may arise if you cannot find your cards or if you do not have any eg, if you have recently arrived in the country. This is less preferable since it may take longer to trace your medical records and you will have to fill in more paperwork, so please find your medical cards if you can.

3. You may register online by completing the details on the form below. You will need to do this for each member of your family who wishes to register. When we receive your details we shall complete the paperwork for you and post it to you for your signature and return to us.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we shall accept you as a patient since, for example, it may be that your address is not in our catchment area. However, if you attend the reception for registration in person the receptionist will be able to advise you.

Our GP Practice is supporting Summary Care Records and, as a patient, you have a choice.  For further information, please visit our Summary Care Records page.

NB:  We supply medication to all our patients who live more than one mile from a chemist.


Click Here to download a copy of the registration form.


Click Here to download the extra information documents.


Either email the completed documents to the surgery or fill in a copy and hand them to reception

NB: We require a copy of photo I.D. in order to setup Online Patient Access, please include this with your documents if returning electronically.