Pocklington Group Practice is a ‘RCGP Research Ready’ practice!

Pocklington Group Practice takes part in effective medical research through the Primary Care Research Network within the NHS National Institute for Health Research.  NHS medical research helps to improve the health and  well-being of the nation.

The Practice is currently involved in the following research trials:

TUDOR ( and Connective Tissue Diseases&sort=&offset=7&totalResults=208&page=1&pageSize=10&searchType=basic-search)

To find out whether diagnosing psoriaris related health complications earlier leads to an improvement in the physical health of a patient.


Randomised controlled trial to investigate the severity and duration of depressive symptoms that are associated with a clinically important response to SSRI antidepressants in people with depression.


Purpose to monitor and compare evening doses of antihypertensive therapy with the conventional morning dose.


Helicobacter eradication aspirin trial; to test the hypothesis that a one week course of H.Pylori eradication in patients using 325mg aspirin daily will reduce the incidence of subsequent peptic ulcer bleeding that results in hospitalisation.

STILTS (please click here for further information)

STILTS is a study examining the common and rare genetic variants associated with thinness.

The Research Team for Pocklington Group Practice are:

  • Dr James Laing
  • Dr Nigel Robinson
  • Lisa Schofield

Speak to your GP for more information on how to volunteer for a research trial.  Patients often find our research trials to be an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Additional Information

Other websites which may be of interest are:

Find out more about Joint Dementia Research

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Trials


Bookable Appointments via Patient Access

Pocklington Group practice has suspended the ability for patients to book appointments online this is to help improve our appointment service and ensure that every patient is navigated to the most appropriate clinician. Instead, if you telephone the practice or complete an online consultation form, you will be provided with the most appropriate clinician or contacted to book an appointment. Unfortunately we have had a number of appointments booked inappropriately.

Face Coverings 

Face coverings are now optional inside the practice, unless you have Covid symptoms or are suffering from a recent respiratory illness

Travel Information

Patients are advised that we do not provide travel advice. We do administer the following vaccines if required: Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A.