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Update your Contact Details

Change Your Contact Details

If you change your name, address, or telephone number please tell us.

Sometimes we may need to contact you and if we do not have your current details this will cause delay or maybe even make it impossible for us to contact you.

You may inform us by post or by calling in to fill in a form at reception, or you may use the form on this website to send us your new details.

Make sure that you tell us which members of your household have moved with you – we cannot assume that all have moved with you since sometimes families split up or children move away to college etc.

Please tell us your telephone number even if you are ex-directory, it may be also useful to have your mobile telephone number in case of an emergency. We will not disclose it to anyone, but it is sometimes important that we are able to contact you quickly.

Note that if your new address is outside our practice area we will not be able to keep you as a patient at this practice. In that case we shall contact you to let you know that you need to find a practice in your new locality.

When you are ready to proceed please complete the online form below.

We have received a further delivery of Flu Vaccine for Over 65s. Please call Reception on 01759 302500 to book an appointment