Change in provision of travel advice and travel clinics at Pocklington Group Practice.

Due to changes and the increased pressure we are experiencing in the provision of care services in our NHS GP Practice, we have decided to cease running our travel clinics and travel advice service.  Patients who plan to travel abroad are now recommended to seek travel advice online. There are several online travel advice providers available to consult, two of which are: NaTHNaC: Fit for Travel: We are advised by NHSEI, BMA and RCGP that travel vaccinations remain a low clinical priority, set against the context of the wider pandemic NHS recovery, patient access, long term condition management and offering the Covid vaccination programme.  However, we recognise that they remain important to our patients, so we protect a proportion of nurse time to deliver these every month. We will endeavour to do what we can, but given the wider demands on our time which are clinically urgent, you may be advised that the time window for your vaccinations is inconvenient for your travel plans.  In this scenario if we have no availability to accommodate your needs, we will signpost you to local private travel providers, who may also be able to serve any additional needs for e.g. Japanese encephalitis and tick-borne encephalitis; meningitis vaccines; rabies; tuberculosis (TB) and yellow fever. Patients registered at Pocklington Group Practice are able to access their vaccination records through the online Patient Access service.  Please note that the vaccinations recorded are those given by the NHS and may not include those given privately. If there is a recommendation for vaccinations based on the country or countries you plan to visit and the type of travel you are undertaking, then we would advise you to attend a private travel clinic.  The private travel clinic will also be able to advise you on malaria protection, if needed.  Anti-malarial medication to help provide protection against contracting malaria is now available to purchase over the counter at most pharmacies. As part of our NHS general medical services, we are still able to provide vaccination against Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A, only if your online travel risk assessment definitely advises these for your travel itinerary and you have accessed your vaccination records and not had them previously, or they are out of date before your travel departure date. Please remember that if your travel is work related you need to go through the Occupational Health department associated with your place of work for travel advice, vaccinations etc or attend a private travel clinic funded by your employer.

Travel Vaccines

There’s no point spending hours choosing your swimwear, beach bag and flip-flops if you barely think about the bugs and other health risks that could ruin your holiday. Almost one in four UK holidaymakers don’t get any vaccinations despite travelling to areas that have life-threatening infectious disease. Find out which travel jabs you need for your destination. It’s not worth skipping travel vaccinations. Infectious diseases can make you very sick, spoil your holiday and even kill or cripple you. Vaccinations protect you against many travel-related infections, such as yellow fevertyphoidand hepatitis A. Use the information on these pages to learn about travel vaccines, which ones you need for your destination, and when and where to get them. For additional general information, read our articles on travel health.

The vaccines

The vaccinations currently available for travellers abroad. More on the vaccines

What’s available on the NHS?

Some travel vaccinations are freely available on the NHS. Others are only available privately. More on NHS and private travel jabs

When and where

Where and when to have your travel jabs. More on where and when