The Pocklington Group Practice Partners have recently reviewed the Practice patient list and have had to make a difficult decision to remove the Practice from the Out of Area scheme. The practice must provide a service to patients who live within its catchment area and the impact of additional housing in and around the Pocklington area has had a major impact upon patient demand and patient numbers. The decision to advise our out of area patients that we will require them to register with their local practice is not one made lightly, we do understand that patients do not want to move practice but we have an obligation to those who live within our catchment area.

Out of Area patients have been sent letters advising them of this decision and hence this gives them the opportunity to look for a local Practice and identify the best option to suit their needs for new registrations. A final 28-day notice letter will be sent to all out of area patients in due course to confirm the Practice removal from the Out Of Area scheme. This being the deadline for patients to register in their own locality.

We have advised some of the Practices with a large number of patients that we are doing this, to try and ensure a smooth transition.

We are receiving a large number of letters, emails and texts asking us to reconsider the individual position of some patients, unfortunately we cannot do this due to the Practice removal from the Out of Area scheme.


Dr N Robinson & Partners