Understanding black men’s risk of prostate cancer

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Join a new study to help us understand why black men are at higher risk.

We don’t understand enough about why some men, including black men, are at higher risk of prostate cancer.

Understanding more about the genetics of prostate cancer will help us identify men at higher risk, so we can diagnose aggressive cancer earlier and save lives. 

If you are a man of African or Caribbean descent aged 40-69 and haven’t had prostate cancer, you may be suitable to take part in a study that can help us understand more about the genetics of prostate cancer.


  1. Read all the information on this page to learn if this study is right for you.
  2. If you’re interested, email or call the PROFILE study organisers to see if you’re able to take part.
  3. Email: prostate.research@rmh.nhs.uk Tel: 020 8722 4483

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