Further to patient feedback and comments, we are delighted to inform you that a new telephone system has now been installed. An important aspect of the new system is that all calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

One of the biggest complaints we received was around patients receiving the engaged tone, this will no longer happen. The new system provides a queuing system and gives you an idea of where you are in the queue. You can choose to stay on the line and hold (bear in mind that each call takes an average of 3 minutes). If your queue position is such that you are likely to be waiting some time, please press the option to receive a call back (queue busting), this enables you to remain in the queue at the position you started and move up the queue as calls are answered. We stop the option to queue bust at 11.15 am and 5.30 pm to ensure patients are not in the queue busting option after closure of the Practice for lunch or end of the day.

As with all new technology there can sometimes be glitches but we aim to resolve these as quickly as possible. Please be patient and feedback on your experience or areas you feel could be improved.


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